"BoatSecure gives peace of mind to boat owners"

If your boat is in a marina or on a mooring you can rest easy knowing you have 24/7 access to the BoatSecure App. 


Our App is constantly monitoring and reporting key indicators that show you all is running well on board your boat.


(Not) The Auckland Boat Show

The Auckland Boat Show has been cancelled for 2020 unfortunately.

We were all ready to show our latest developments and offers.  Instead we will be working with our marine industry colleagues to support all those who enjoy the waters of New Zealand

Please support the NZ Marine industry by searching out member companies and using their services


Unfortunately Cancelled

$250 + $250 Boat Show Special Pricing
To mark the Auckland Boat Show we are offering a limited time discount price
$250 to order your device +
$250 annual subscription, paid after installation
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Welcome to BoatSecure

Peace Of Mind So You Can Enjoy Your Boat More

BoatSecure Adds Satellite Connections for Global Operation

BoatSecure Announces Option for Satellite communication for remotely monitoring and tracking boats.  The new update ensures boat status monitoring at any location from isolated bays and islands to distant oceans.

We're here to help you enjoy more time on your boat.  We want you be having a fun and relaxing time enjoying time with family and friends.

BoatSecure helps take care of the issues that get in the way of a great day of sailing.  No more bad batteries, freezer breakdowns or worries another boatie has taken your power connection.  If your boat starts sinking or loses its mooring, we'll let you know.

You have more time enjoying yourself on the water.  Easy.



Protecting Your Boat When You Can't Be There


The smart Phone App manages your boat setup and receives status reports and alert messages.


The app shows status for single boats or fleets depending on the service type subscribed to.  Information is received via the BoatSecure service that we provide, assuring of continuous and reliable service.


The BoatSecure device is installed on your boat and connected to the vital signals.


BoatSecure continuously monitors your boat and sends a wireless data message at regular intervals and whenever an alert is needed.


BoatSecure is a comprehensive sophisticated and secure service that monitors your boat and receives the signals.


Information is delivered to the Phone App over the phone's internet connection.  Notifications will pop up when you need to be alerted to a critical issue on your boat.



BoatSecure Continuously Checks

That Shore Power connection is working correctly

Your On-board boat battery is charged and reliable

That the boat Bilge Pump is working reliably and there is no unexpected hull leak

Anchor Drift GPS location checked and alert if boat moves from mooring

Optional relay contacts to monitor for intruders etc Optional relay output for strobe lamp, siren, etc

Global Partners

We work with global partners to deliver BoatSecure to you.


Together we ensure reliability, performance and security of our service.

Long Range Wireless

BoatSecure uses a new generation of Long Range Wireless technology designed for ‘Internet of Things’ applications.


This technology is ideally suited for its long range capability of 10+ km, penetration of obstacles (such as masts, rigging, etc), and avoidance of cellular data or text costs.

Fleet Dashboard

For fleet managers, such as charter operators, marine electricians, boat managers or marina operators, our web dashboard allows many boats to be simultaneously monitored and managed.


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About Us

BoatSecure is located in Auckland, New Zealand where we carry out all development, manufacture and business operations.

We are a world-leading boat monitoring system using new ‘Internet of Things’ technologies.



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Are you an experienced marine supplier?  BoatSecure is now signing up resellers. 

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BoatSecure supports the Internet of Things industry

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BoatSecure is a boat monitoring system that allows you to check on your boat from where ever you are.
Peace of mind knowing you have 24/7 access to the BoatSecure app.  We are constantly monitoring and reporting key indicators to let you know that all is good on-board your boat.
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