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BoatSecure App saves the day for fishing trip

Boat owner Bill is a keen user of BoatSecure and he reports it’s already saved his boat batteries from ruin on more than one occasion.

BoatSecure joins New Zealand Internet of Things Alliance

BoatSecure has joined the NZ IoT Alliance.  The industry association represents a broad membership of technology vendors, solution developers, researchers, advisers and user organisations.

Even if you’ve never heard of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) – the hot buzz-phrase dancing like popcorn through the conversation of every self-respecting techie – you should know it can make a huge difference to the safety and security of your moored boat, writes Lawrence Schaffler.

Boating NZ Magazine:  Messages From Your Boat

Idealog:  Staying safe on the water

Tech that can let you know your boat might be sinking before you do, and let you know via a smartphone app? It's a thing - and there's little doubt BoatSecure has the potential to be a lifesaver.

Clever tech has found its way to sea, alerting Kiwi boaties and fleet managers to problems with their boats before they sink, lose power or come off their moorings.

Voxy: Peace of mind to boaties using AWS

"I was able to see that a boat connected with BoatSecure had lost shore power during the night, hours before I would normally find out”

Spark fast-tracking build of long-range IoT network
Press Release from Spark NZ

"Boat owners love playing on their boats and buying new kits. BoatSecure solves a real problem and gives peace of mind that their boat is ready to go whenever they want."

Cam Harris, Marine Electrician

LoRaWAN-Connected BoatSecure — A Sailor’s Delight
Case Study from Actility 

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