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Welcome from John

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Hi and welcome to BoatSecure.

I want to say something here about why we have created BoatSecure and what it means to you.

Owning a boat means enjoyment. It's as simple as that. Whether it's out with your family, fishing or just sitting back and relaxing. Take some time out and refresh yourself.

But we also know that a boat swallows money and maintenance issues can get in the way of time on the water. BoatSecure looks after some of those issues so you have less to worry about. We also expect to save you money in running your boat.

Your boat spends most the time unattended, and things slowly go wrong when no-one is looking. Especially the electrical stuff. That's where we come in. BoatSecure is monitoring your boat all the time and we look at the data continuously to check if something needs taking care of.

At BoatSecure we stay on top of all the latest technology and are using it to give you a simpler system to take care of your boat. Although we won't talk too much about the technology we use, we are very focused on doing the absolute best for you. Our technology is world leading and enables us to take care of boats in marinas and on moorings anywhere in the world.

By joining BoatSecure you benefit from better sailing and you're helping us to take care of even more boats where ever they may be.

Happy Sailing, JohnMcD.

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