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We've Updated The BoatSecure App

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

The BoatSecure app has had an important refresh following a couple of months of intensive work behind the scenes. Here's how it looks and what the changes mean for us and our users.

Most functions of BoatSecure work very similar to our ealier release. We check on:

• Shore Power status

• Boat battery voltage

• Bilge Pump operation

• GPS location and drift

• Signal status for intruders etc

Reports are sent to boat owners on a regular hourly schedule.

The new update operates faster and is easier to navigate.

Our users can find the update on the iPhone app store.

BoatSecure sends alert notifications to your iPhone if an alarm is indicated.

A key benefit from the new software framework is that BoatSecure can roadmap new features for future updates. The update also enables us to manage more users and to deploy overseas.

BoatSecure provides a Fleet Manager page that allows a boat manager, marine electrician or marina operator to view several boats on a single screen. Fleet managers can check all the boats displayed and respond to any indicated alerts.

BoatSecure assigns membership of a fleet on request from the boat owners and agreement of the fleet manager.

According to our users, BoatSecure is regularly alerting them to potential problems on board their boats. This is averting costly repairs and lost time at sea enjoying their boat.

One of our users who has been using BoatSecure for just a few months has told us, "Shore Power is a particular problem on my boat as it can trip off unexpectedly. BoatSecure has sent me alerts on two occasions in the last few weeks alerting me to loss of power on board. I've been able to call my marine electrician to reset the power which has saved the boat batteries from discharging. That could be a replacement cost of $5,000 for new batteries, so BoatSecure has quickly proven itself valuable to me".

This new software update is important progress for BoatSecure. Install BoatSecure on your boat to safeguard your boat in a marina and have more time enjoying your boat on the water.

Find out about BoatSecure here

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