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Smart Tech That Saves Boaties From Worry

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Let's say some more about what BoatSecure does to protect your boat:

Shore Power: If the power to your boat fails, which is common occurrence, then this can eventually result in failed batteries, defrosted freezers, and other important systems not working. We monitor and alert you if the power on your boat goes off.

Battery Voltage: We record the battery voltage so a check can be made of charge status, or if a load is discharging the batteries. Failed batteries are unable to keep bilge pump operating, and may not be recoverable resulting in a costly replacement.

Bilge Pump: The bilge pump is a vital electrical system, but is out of sight until it's needed. We record either bilge pump operation or a float switch status. Operation is shown to you and an alert is provided if the signal stays on for too long.

GPS Location: We update the location of your boat every hour and show you if there has been any movement.

Relay switch status: An input contact is available for monitoring an external switch. This can be used as an intruder alarm with a suitable external switch, for instance on a door.

This is a brief summary of how BoatSecure monitors your boat. There can be many different reasons for faults to occur, and our simple and easy to install system ensures that your boat is safe and will be ready for you when you next go sailing.

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