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Good Boat Owners Pay Less For Boat Insurance

At BoatSecure we are convinced that boat owners that take care of their boat should be encouraged by insurers.

This point is often made to us when we talk to boat owners, and we agree.

With a remote monitoring system on board it means:

  • Problems are identified and fixed sooner

  • Fewer faults escalate into insurance claims, and payouts are lower

  • Careful boat owners have fewer claims than owners that aren't so responsible

  • Intruders create alerts that warn them off and assist in capture

Insurers ought to be recognising this advantage also. But sometimes it takes the customer to push for a change in business, especially with the financial sector. When your insurance comes up for renewal have this conversation with you broker and let me know how you get on.

For the insurance business this is how they benefit from customers with a BoatSecure monitoring system:

  • Careful boat owners have fewer claims

  • Boat maintenance issues are addressed before a problem becomes a claim

  • Customer relationships are stronger by association with an app used every day by the customer

  • Customer loyalty improves with users subscribing to a product service over several years.

Read more about why insurers are better off with boat owners that use a boat monitoring system in this paper. Download here

To find out more how a boat remote monitoring system reduces insurance claims and payouts contact us at:

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