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Finding Lost or Stolen Gear

An ongoing worry of boat ownership is theft. With a lot of valuable gear onboard it is an attractive for thieves to target boats.

It's not only your boat that is at risk. Dinghies or tenders, outboard engines, jetskiis, trailers, fishing gear and more.

But a lot of owners either don't think it will happen to them or expect that insurance will cover the loss. BoatSecure would love to tackle this problem and we've been looking for a suitable device to help you recover lost gear.

This small unit, about 35x70mm, has a battery that lasts upto 5 years and is completely watertight. It will locate your gear when you set it as missing via an app login.

We want to know what boat owners think about this. Read more on our website here or let us know your interest by clicking here to send us an email.

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