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BoatSecure Connects Via Satellite

Our biggest announcement yet as BoatSecure adds satellite communications to our system using the latest low earth orbit nano satellites to safeguard boats wherever they are.

During recent months we've been trialling the latest satellite technology. This is enabled by the new generation of space companies that are benefiting from nano satellites and low cost rocket launches.

We've had units on trial with several boat owners and Mike has reported back after his trip returning from New Zealand's Bay of Islands to Auckland. The three day trip had an 'interesting' mix of weather and BoatSecure Orbit provided regular reports of progress.

The advantage of a satellite system for BoatSecure is that messages from the boat is not dependent on being in range of a land based wireless network. We know that data will be received from wherever the boat is. This new generation of space tech is small, lightweight, technically simple and importantly also relatively low cost.

Mike has kindly provided us with a full report of his trip and John McDermott from BoatSecure explains how the system operates in an announcement the link below.

New Generation of Satellites Monitors Boat Status Globally

We now want to invite boat owners to sign up for BoatSecure Orbit. We have additional trial units available and can offer these for short term loan. Register with us on this page link to hear more about getting BoatSecure Orbit for your boat and to send us an enquiry.

Find out more about BoatSecure Orbit and register your interest

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