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Bill Saves His Boat And Has More Time Fishing With BoatSecure

We caught up with BoatSecure user Bill recently to hear how he is getting on with our monitoring app.

Bill is enthusiastic about how BoatSecure works, “Twice in recent weeks I’ve been alerted by BoatSecure that the shore power from the marina had tripped off. It’s saved me thousands of dollars by ensuring the boat batteries aren’t discharged. Fortunately my marine electrician is on the ball and was quick to check the boat and reset the circuits for me”.

Bill also explained why BoatSecure is useful, “The shore power can trip off for different reasons. It could be a neighbour boat owner knocks the cable at the pedestal, or it could be something on board that has a bit of surge. Either way, if the power stays off the batteries could discharge in a few days and worse case the batteries are ruined and will have to be replaced. That will leave me out of pocket by quite a large sum, and it ruins a good day’s fishing with the family”.

Bill is encouraging other boaties to join in, “It’s great that a local team here in New Zealand has created BoatSecure and is listening to what boat owners need. More boatie's should get in touch with John to connect with BoatSecure as well!”.

John has responded, “Bill is an excellent example of why we created BoatSecure and we’re very pleased he’s given us this report. Bill keeps his boat in very good condition and we’re happy that BoatSecure has worked exactly as expected to alert Bill and his electrician. It’s great to talk with Bill about his experience and hear his enthusiasm for what we are doing”.

Bill’s BoatSecure app alerted that Shore Power was off and the voltage graph indicated when the power loss happened and how the boat battery voltage was falling. This gave time for the circuit to be reset and prevent the boat batteries from discharging further.

Ask BoatSecure about protecting your boat, send us a message here

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