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BoatSecure Orbit

Monitoring Your Boat From Space!

No more limitations from land based networks

The new generation of satellite system connected to your boat

BoatSecure Orbit Safeguarding Your Boat Globally

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More Information

  1. When Can I Buy BoatSecure Orbit?
    Steady on Tiger!  We're working fast to develop our trial system to make it ready for manufacture.  We're as keen as you are to get into operation on your boat.  Sign up on the form here and we'll send the latest information right back to you.


  2. Why BoatSecure Orbit?
    We know your boat is an important part of your life and likely an expensive investment as well.  Our existing customers keep telling us that our service is important to them.  By sending warning alerts we've saved boats from sinking and the expensive cost of replacing batteries that could have been damaged due to lack of recharge power.

    But we want protect your boat wherever it is and not be limited by connection to a land based radio network.  The new generation of satellite systems will achieve this reliably and at a low cost.


  3. Who is BoatSecure Orbit For?
    Your boat is an important valuable asset.  We want you to have peace of mind that there is no issue on board that can escalate to an expensive problem that ruins your sailing time.
    BoatSecure is designed for:

    • Boat owners

    • Boat managers

    • Charter fleet operators

    • Boat builders

    • Marine electricians and engineers

    • Marina operators​

  4. What Is The Satellite System?
    BoatSecure Orbit is partnered with Australian satellite company Myriota.  They are a leader in the new industry of Low Earth Orbit satellite systems.  This is the new revolution of low cost satellites for 'Internet of Things' applications.

    BoatSecure Orbit sends data via this satellite network.  We receive the data for display on your phone app.  There is quite a bit of technology behind the scenes but it's made very easy for us to work with and we are pleased to be one of the first applications to be operational with Myriota.

    The satellites are in Low Earth Orbit - about 500km high and take approximately 90 minutes to orbit the earth at a speed of around 7.5km/second, it takes 10 minutes for a satellite to travel horizon to horizon at any one location.


  5. How Is Data Transmitted?
    BoatSecure sends a message to report boat status regularly, usually once per hour or when an alert is created.  If the unit is within range of our land based network it will transmit the message via the terrestrial network.  The messages are also given to the Orbit unit and sent via the satellite system.  Either way, your data will be sent to BoatSecure for viewing at your app login.

    BoatSecure Orbit waits until a satellite passes overhead and automatically transmits pending messages to the satellite.  A timestamp is included with each message so that we know the precise time when the message was created on the boat and the time when it is transmitted to the satellite.

  6. How Does Data Get To My Phone?
    The satellite temporarily stores messages and downloads data to a ground station a short time later.  Data is then sent to BoatSecure and we update your app login.  The process is remarkably simple considering all the technology involved.


  7. How Long Does It Take To Receive A Message?
    The more satellites there are in the Myriota constellation system, the more frequently messages can be sent to us and you.  During our testing and trial there has been a single satellite available for use.  The satellite is visible 2, 3 or occasionally 4 times a day, depending on the orbit route each day.  In this scenario it can take up to 13 hours for BoatSecure to wait for the satellite to pass overhead.

    The satellite constellation is being progressively increased with more satellites to increase the message transmission capability.  We expect to see four additional satellites in 2020 and more in 2021.  With five satellites we expect to achieve message updates in around 3 hours.  With 25 satellites the message latency is expected to reduce to well under one hour.  Eventually the latency will be just a few minutes, essentially real time connections.


  8. Where Will It Work?
    The first release of BoatSecure Orbit is available for use in and around Australia and New Zealand.  Over time more regions will be added to the system.  If you want to use BoatSecure Orbit in other regions or globally let us know.


  9. Can The Satellites Send Messages To My Phone?
    Only the BoatSecure Orbit unit can transmit to the satellite.  Your phone will connect to the regular cellular network and receive updates from this.  If your phone is out of range of the phone network then you can nominate a family member, friend or boat manager to also have an app login to view message updates from BoatSecure.  We're here to give you peace of mind your boat is OK, so ask us about adding extra people to view your boat status if you needed.

  10. Why Two Units In A Set?
    The BoatSecure base unit connects with the signals on your boat and is conveniently installed at the electrical panel.  The BoatSecure Orbit unit must have a view of the sky in order to transmit reliably to satellites when they pass overhead.  Installing this on the cabin roof, mast or other similar site is necessary.  Metal or carbon structures are likely to affect signal transmission, so the BoatSecure Orbit unit must be external to these materials, composite is typically not an issue.  A cable connects BoatSecure Orbit unit to the base unit inside the boat.  We will provide full instructions for installation and operation to help you use BoatSecure Orbit.


  11. How Much Power Does the Kit Use?
    The satellite unit, like the base unit, uses very little power.  Most of the time the unit is in standby and only briefly wakes up to store messages and when a satellite transmission is scheduled.  The transmit power is under 1W (about the same as a cell phone and much much less than a VHF radio) and is active for under one second for each transmission.  We expect the power consumption from boat batteries to be insignificant or a small solar panel can easily power the set.


  12. What will the cost be?
    The cost of BoatSecure Orbit will be remarkably low.  We haven't yet decided on the exact pricing as this will be determined when we launch the upgraded service.  Rest assured that you will be surprised how little the service will cost compared to cellular costs or other satellite data connectivity.


Myriota Satellite track over Australia and New Zealand, circle indicates ground coverage.  On each orbit the track over the earth moves to cover a new area.  Multiple satellites and 90 minutes orbit times ensure regular message reception.