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BoatSecure Orbit

Monitoring Your Boat From Space!

No more limitations from land based networks

The new generation of satellite systems connected to your boat

BoatSecure Orbit Safeguarding Your Boat Globally

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BoatSecure Orbit - Announcing the latest generation of technology for monitoring your boat from Space using Low Earth Orbit satellite systems.

Freeing you from land based wireless networks and complicated roaming cellular charges.  Reliable performance with peace of mind.

How it works:

BoatSecure Orbit takes messages from your boat monitoring system and stores them for transmission to the satellite constellation.

Each time a satellite passes overhead, data is sent to the satellite and we then present the data on your BoatSecure app.

You get to see your boat status and alerts via the BoatSecure app at regular intervals.  Peace of mind you can check your boat wherever it is moored.


Image: computer render, 
approx 150 x 250mm, <500g 

BoatSecure Orbit is an elegant unobtrusive unit that transmits data directly to satellites regularly passing overhead.

With a high performance internal antenna, the unit may be fitted to the mast, cabin roof or even inside your boat.  All it requires is a reasonable view of the sky so as to send regular data messages.

We call this a Global-Global-Global system.  It has a three fold ability to monitor your boat:

  • GPS to locate boats anywhere,

  • Nano-satellites to remotely collect data reports from any global position, and

  • Smart phone app dashboard to monitor your boat from wherever you are

Boat owner Mike recently trialled the BoatSecure Orbit system on a boat trip from New Zealand's Bay of Islands, read the full story on the link below. 


John McDermott, CEO of BoatSecure also explains the systems operation and how the BoatSecure service will evolve to provide even more peace of mind for boat owners.

What It Does:

BoatSecure monitors key signals from your boat to ensure everything is OK onboard when you're not there.  Reports and alerts are sent to your BoatSecure phone app to keep you informed.

  • Shore Power status

  • Boat Battery voltage

  • Bilge Pump operation

  • GPS Location

  • Intruder Alerts

BoatSecure safeguards your boat from the most common problems that can ruin your plans for sailing or become expensive maintenance costs.

How Much Will BoatSecure Orbit Cost?

Using the new generation of Low Earth Orbit ​satellites opens up a new price point much lower than any other comparable system available.  We're committed to a price that is attractive to as many boat owners as possible.

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When Can I Buy BoatSecure Orbit?

We have been testing and trialling with BoatSecure Orbit for several months.  We now have confidence the technology works reliably and is suitable for BoatSecure customers.

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