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Enjoy More Time On Your Boat


We're here to help you enjoy more time on your boat.  We want you be having a fun and relaxing time enjoying time with family and friends.

BoatSecure helps take care of the issues that get in the way of a great day of sailing.  No more bad batteries, freezer breakdowns or worries another boatie has taken your power connection.  If the your boat starts sinking or loses it's mooring, we'll let you know.

You have more time enjoying yourself on the water.  Easy.


The smart Phone App manages your boat setup and receives status reports and alert messages.


The app shows status for single boats or fleets depending on the service type subscribed to.  Information is received via the BoatSecure service that we provide, assuring of continuous and reliable service.

The BoatSecure device is installed on your boat and connected to the vital signals.


BoatSecure continuously monitors your boat and sends a wireless data message at regular intervals and whenever an alert is needed.

BoatSecure is a comprehensive sophisticated and secure service that monitors your boat and receives the signals.


Information is delivered to the Phone App over the phone's internet connection.  Notifications will pop up when you need to be alerted to a critical issue on your boat.

BoatSecure Continuously Checks

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Your On-board Boat Battery
is charged and reliable.

How it Works.2.png

That the boat Bilge Pump is working reliably and there is no unexpected hull leak.

How it Works.3.png

That Shore Power connection is working correctly.

How it works.5.png

Anchor Drift GPS location checked and alert if boat moves from the mooring.

How it works.4.png

Optional relay contacts to monitor for intruders etc. Optional relay output for strobe lamp, siren, etc

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BoatSecure is here to give you more time enjoying your boat.

Peace of mind that BoatSecure is taking care of your boat when you're not there.

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